Sunday, November 17, 2019

Teamwork and Motivation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Teamwork and Motivation - Research Paper Example Leaders work to enhance the internal force in employees that eventually manifests itself in all the above sectors of the organization. Motivational theories are sometimes used as tools to measure the manifestations of motivation efforts in workplaces. Consequently, an effective motivation plan is essential towards the success of any organization in relation to the dynamism in the market and the ever-growing competition. The WooWoo manufacturing company requires an effective motivation plan that would encourage high job satisfaction, low turnover, high productivity and high quality of work within the organization. This plan should bring together more that self-interest to all employees to attain success. Moreover, the motivation should also improve the relationships among all staff in this small organization to ensure both individual and group strengths. The organization’s motivation design contains several components namely organizational structure and culture, intangible rewa rds, communication, and trust among all employees and the management. The combination of all these components would result to success in the establishment and implementation of the motivation plan. Many organizations today implement the horizontal structure that incorporates transparency and open environment for employees. This clears communication and results to efficiency in allocation and completion of assigned tasks and projects. This form of openness motivates the employees and inspires loyalty to leaders. The employees work as a team in accomplishing the mission and organizational objectives with ease (Bruce, 2006). The horizontal structure helps in eliminating the mental barriers and employee-management myths. A motivation plan with this component boosts employees’ motivation leading to improved loyalty and minimal employee turnover. Intangible rewards are part of the motivation plan and entails looking beyond the monetary compensations. Intangible rewards help in achi eving employees’ confidence in their jobs. This is done through the creation of a platform that helps them to grow on their careers and develop to their next level. They include clear job descriptions that create a conducive environment for assuming an employee’s responsibilities (Bruce, 2006). Receiving career development support, being well informed on the affairs of the organization and just compensation are part of intangible rewards that boost the performances through high job satisfaction with respect to employees. Communication is a crucial part of any organization because it determines the efficiency of all operations, completion of assigned tasks and projects. Keeping the employees updated on all issues, rewards, promotions and change of command avoids negative reactions towards changes. Communication also entails feedback that ensures a message was received and any forms of instructions were followed (Lauby, 2005). Passing on information regarding an individu al’s personal achievements and expectations boosts the workplace relationships thus motivating them to improve their performances. Effective communication motivates employees towards high productivity through passing on the requirements of any task and giving the necessary feedback on the progress and completion. The management should build on trust to ensure they trust the employees and are trusted. Trust entails keeping of promises, upholding integrity and fairness in the workplace. Trust

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