Wednesday, November 6, 2019

heartworm essays

heartworm essays Scientific name - Dirofilaria immtis Related parasites- Intestinal worms can cause serious problems such as bloody diarrhea and fleas can bite and cause extreme discomfort for your dog. The life cycle of the heartworm begins when an infected dog, carrying tiny immature heartworms (microfilariae) circulating in its blood, is bitten by a mosquito. The mosquito takes in microfilariae (larvae) when it feeds. During the next two-three weeks, the larvae develop within the mosquito into the infective stage. When the mosquito feeds again, it can transmit infective larvae to the healthy dog. The larvae penetrate the dog's skin and migrate through the tissues and develop over the next few months, eventually reaching the dog's heart. Once in the dog's heart, the worms can grow as long as 14 inches and cause significant damage to the heart, lungs and other vital organs. If left untreated, heartworm disease can result in death. Lethargic and generally listless And eventually death due to heart failure. Treatment can be quite involved, with hospitalization, IV fluids and many medications needed to rid the dog of the worms safely. Some dogs may die during and after the treatment from complications including heart failure and blood clots going to the lungs. Geographical area of impact Worldwide, but most common in mild and warm climates. In the U.S. they are prevalent along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts It has a negative impact on both. Sales of over $500 million annually; milbemycin, with sales of over $100 million. Proper pet supplies and heartworm medicine is so important. Though heart ...

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