Sunday, November 24, 2019

Marching on Essay Example

Marching on Essay Example Marching on Essay Marching on Essay Essay Topic: Everything Is Illuminated As I walked through the schools doors the summer before tenth grade into the blazing sun, I wondered if the choice I had made would be worthwhile. I wondered if I was going to fit in and be accepted. I instantly realized those few moments of worrying where a pointless waste of time as the Marching Band welcomed me as the newest member of the color guard. Over time, I was taught drop spins, a multitude of tosses, Jazz running, as well as spinning rifles, but little did I know I was learning so much more than the physical. The mental and moral example of hard work, ordination, and acceptance of others was impressed upon me. Marching band has equipped me with lessons and values that will stay with me for a lifetime. I immediately learned the definition of hard work. Beginning in mid July, I invested innumerable hours and days practicing in the elements. Those practices where filled with frustration, bumps and bruises, and the occasional want to give up, but I drove on. The time and duties of practicing tirelessly, nursing sore muscles, and spending more time than preferred at school progressed into an amazing show for fans present at the Friday night football games. The practicing stopped only after I stepped off of the field after the last show of the season, but the time put in was worth the rush and pride of the amazing feature I had displayed as a member of the color guard. Through color guard I was introduced to my desire and capacity to work tirelessly toward a goal that will benefit my happiness and success. Second, the necessity of team work was instilled within me. Vive learned that as a whole we are much more than what an individual could hold. One may look at me as I toss a six foot flag into the air and say, anemia, thats pretty cool. But if we cooperate with each other I could spin through the drum line into the toss and make the crowd catch their breath in anticipation. I was also taught the downfalls of not working together while working on executing the same move on a different day as the drum line did not coordinate their footwork with mine, and the defenseless horn line suffered from a flag to the head. The stressful and smooth moments during our practices and shows have illuminated the importance of working with others as a team player. Lastly, I learned to look beyond the label pressed upon me by others. A superficial glance would reveal to many that I was a part of a stereotypical group of nerds, but in reality Marching Band is an accumulation of several different walks of life. We are implemented with a sense of community that reveals to us that, together, we are much more than any one of the individuals comprising the band. I was part of a family that consisted of artists, musicians, and athletes alike. What brings the diverse group together though, is the rejection of the preconceived idea, enjoyment of performing, and the dignity in knowing we gave everything we could despite the action that marching band consists purely of geeks. Marching Band provides a sense of recognition that far too many kids are deprived of today. When the season, the applause, and the bonding of a family came to a close I walked away from the field a different person. Friends were made and my life was altered for the rest of my life. I will always remember my days as a guard girl, but more importantly I will that needs to be reintroduced into todays youth. From now on if someone wants to truly know me, they cannot walk a mile in my shoes, they must march.

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