Friday, September 27, 2019

Significance of Business Process Modelling in Modern Day Context Essay

Significance of Business Process Modelling in Modern Day Context - Essay Example According to the discussion  a business process is a collection of rationally related business activities that integrate in order to deliver something of value such as products, services, goods and information to the customer. It can be viewed individually as discrete steps in a business cycle or jointly as the collection of activities that assist in the creation of the value chain of an organisation and thus relate that value chain with the needs of the customers.From this study it is clear that  business process modelling’s chief objective is to enhance the performance of the business by optimising the effectiveness of connecting activities in the provision of the products or services. The technique is generally related to mapping and workflow in order to permit understanding, analysis as well as positive change. The chief aim of the essay is to comprehend the significance and the benefits of business process modelling in modern day context. It will begin with the discus sion of the meaning of the business process modelling with certain examples. The essay will further attempt at discussing regarding the uses of business process modelling and the reasons behind the organisations implementing it as well as the benefits they derive out of the implementation of this process. The essay will also endeavour at comprehending the various approaches to business process modelling.  Business process reengineering can be considered as one of the most famous terms since the 1990s.

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