Friday, September 13, 2019

Research Methods CASE5 Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Methods CASE5 - Research Paper Example The data achieved was used to measure the level of achievement in the two groups. Another measure comprised the final grades of the students in the course depicted by percentage scores. A paired sample t –test was used to examine the achievements in the two groups. In addition, differences in pre post surveys was examined to get the differences based on formats of teaching in single taught and team taught groups, while similarly controlling the demographic variables in both the sections using MANCOVA. The grades of the two groups were also examined based on the format of teaching by use of independent t-test. Differences in pre-post for the examined factors from the survey of the two teams were analyzed. The results showed a significant increase in research and statistics basis. However, there were no any significant differences for the other two variables. The pre-post differences for the survey factors that are based on format of teaching in both the single and team taught groups when demographic variables are controlled showed that there was a significant difference between work, research and statistics. The single taught students showed an increase in pre post relationship between course materials and work. The team taught group showed a pre post decline in the relationship between course materials and work. (Sesser 2012) says that the results indicate no significant interactions statistically exist in opinion factors and demographic variables. When the final grade is used to gauge the differences in effects of this two type of learning, there is a significant variance between single taught and team taught groups. Team taught students are observed to attain higher course grades than those of the students in solo taught groups. The standard deviation in the statistics obtained in the two groups was also examined. (Hill 2005) says that the variance in the team taught is always less than

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