Wednesday, September 11, 2019

MHE503 Survey of Emergency and Disaster Mgt Module 2 Case Essay

MHE503 Survey of Emergency and Disaster Mgt Module 2 Case - Essay Example FBI: months before the actual attack, there had been a reported suspicion on two Middle Eastern Men training in one of the US flight schools. It has been observed that they're being too much concern about fast learning procedures had been a practical reason for the suspicion of the agency.2 Then again, this call has not been well recognized by the government as a possible threat to the nation's security. These particular calls for possible alarm appeared to have no specific and strong evidences of being true, taking them into consideration could have been a better choice for the government as putting the little suspicions together was practically a good reason for them to search through the individuals were suspected to have connections with Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. The reports after the attack noted that there were possible calls and secret movements within the government agencies during the pre-attack dates. ... One particular truth that might have enveloped the lack of concentration and attention that the government had on the possible case of an arising attack against the safety of US may have not been given careful concern practically because of the compartmentalization of the major agencies governing the safety of the country.4 Likely, even though the government administration of US poses to be centralized and mainly controlled by a main unit, it could be noted that only a few are really interconnected towards each other. Here are some other considerations that could have been given attention to: Many agents in both CIA and FBI do not have an idea about each other. Hence, even though they are interconnected by a particular system, there is no personal linkage that served their agencies. Because of this, it is quite hard to deal with the increased emergence of possible suspected matters that are noted to have a great imposing threat to the nation's security and protection. 5Because of this, it could be noted that getting to the people who know something about the situation was not that easy to accomplish between the different teams within the agencies working within a certain case. Besides that, being naive over the major things that happened before the attack may be correlated to the self belief that Americans have that the Al Qaeda would not take the risk to attack the nation since they though these Middle Eastern individuals believe that the nation's security is established well and that they would be feared by it. No matter, the surprise attack made a good fulfilment of the plan. 6Apparently, the American government failed to recognize the fact that these Middle Eastern Individuals are known for their commitment to their

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