Monday, September 23, 2019

HR and CSR connection PP Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

HR and CSR connection PP - Research Paper Example h will be of interest to other citizens within the nation since it will enable them to properly understand what their government is doing with the funds it gets from their natural resources. The research greatly motivates me since it will help in highlighting the connection that exists between the human resource departments and the company’s corporate social responsibilities. It will also help me in judging whether the management principles that are being applied in the field are still the same ones being applied in the field along with their relevancy. The theories along with constructs that will be applicable in my research will include various content and process theories (Jackson, 2011). This will be beneficial in helping me in determining what motivates the workers within the institution. The project will be completed in a period of seven months since the costs have already been availed for performing the activity. Ample time has also been put aside to enable me to focus adequately on the research hence the time limit of seven months will be adequate for completing the research (Schwab, 2004). The project proposal aims at investigating the following hypothesis or answers the following research question(s). The accessibility to data has already been acquired with the subjects to be interviewed or questioned having already given their consent to participation. The monetary resources required to complete the project successfully are available and are adequate. The technology required has been availed hence it will be useful in ensuring that the project is completed within the budget along with time limits set for it (Schwab, 2004). However, some advanced technologies such as software programs for simulation purposes will be purchased from local or international vendors. This is because the company has no team in the project that is tasked with the responsibility of developing software programs. On the other hand, the operations of the existing software within

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