Friday, October 18, 2019

Regan to Obama years Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Regan to Obama years - Essay Example This paper seeks to describe major events that took place from the period of Reagan to Obama. There were major historical turning points from Reagan to Obama period. The first major historical turning point was the collapse of communism and the ending of the cold war. The other major historical turning point was increased growth of United States economy in a rate that was never witnessed before during Reagan and Clinton period. The other turning point was the terrorist attack. Another major historical turning point is the Obama health care program. The major historical turning points that took place during this period had an impact on America current society, economy, politics, and culture. The collapse of communism had a tremendous effect on America’s politics (Peck, 2010). It signified the end of tension that existed between America and communist countries. Moreover, the nuclear weapons that were in United States and Soviet Union declined significantly. There was also restor ation of democracy at the expense of communist totalitarianism. Moreover, it led to domination of America economy in the world as capitalism won over communism (Peck, 2010). America influenced other countries to adopt free trade. Secondly, the growth of America economy caused the country employment rate to decline. ... The 9/11 attack led to America change of foreign policy due to the threat posed on homeland security (Purdum, 2003). The attention of America security was heightened that witnessed before. There was also increase in Domestic security measures and continue to affect the everyday lives of all Americans. The other transformation is on the health sector. The Obama health care reforms are expected to change the lives of low-income earners in America. Millions of America who could not get medical cover will now be covered in the Medicaid. On the other hand, insurance will get more premiums at a lower cost. The AIDS epidemics in America shook Americans confidence starting from 1980’s. AIDS was discovered in America in 1981. However, this topic was not frequent among politicians. President Reagan was the first to deny its general presence and even forced his surgeon not to discuss AIDS. Like other politician, he thought the disease was for gay people. With time, the disease spread to other people and affected lives of many Americans (The History of HIV and Aids in American, n.d.). The Centre for Disease Control published the first official record of the disease on June 5, 1981. The documentation involved gay men hospitalized over pneumonia and disseminated Candida infections. After this, many cases were reported while the two gay men died later. The disease was characterized by prejudice and stigma while the government ignored with no public attention. Those who were affected were even denied schooling opportunities. The ignorance of President Reagan and administration caused the activists to blame them on the death of gay men all over the country (The History of HIV and Aids in American, n.d.). The public mention of the disease took

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