Saturday, October 12, 2019

Essay --

Case 1 As a presiding judge in this case using the given facts at hand, one have to would vote in favor of the City of Cleveland. The facts of the case show that there was job analysis used to determine eligibility of the perspective candidates. The evidence also shows that with these requirements some of the female candidate did pass both tests and were placed on the eligibility list to be hired. There is no sign that the city had broken the Civil Rights Act or the Inclusion of the Sex Amendment because all qualifications were equal for the candidates to pass (Jasper, 2008). Another factor a judge may consider is the job itself and why those requirements are in place. If the requirements were lowered for females would they still be able to perform the tasks as their male counterparts. For example could a female be able to carry a person out of a burning building if they were not able to lift the same amount of weight as their male counterparts? The testing for certain positions is required because of the physical demand of those candidates. Gender should not be weighed as a requirement for these positions and only the ability to perform the duties as required should be noted. If a male firefighter could not pick up a 300lb man to bring him to safety and a female could then she would have met the proper requirement for fulfilling the job duties over the male candidate. It boils down to very basic skills and in a life or death situation those skills need to be performed without hesitation or assistance unless otherwise required. This should be what any judge should weigh when presiding over a trail of this nature because it is not about gender but more about job requirements. Is this risk of losing two humans lives worth changing ... ...s think of their work. Speaking to the president of this organization I would advise him to sit down with all of his supervisors and share these concerns. It may be even advisable to have an independent committee comprised of the company’s peers or community leaders to make recommendations and to advise what they see needs to be changed. There would be advice on taking small steps to change the way things are being handled because making too many small changes can have the same damaging effect as large ones. People will accept change as long as it is implemented in a slow orderly manner. Ensure that there is an open door policy between supervisors and employees is going to be critical. Ask for ideas on how to improve the flow of communication and empower the ideas that employees have. A happy worker is a productive one and that is how you motivate them to success.

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