Friday, October 4, 2019

China's Air pollution Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

China's Air pollution - Term Paper Example In this situation, China is faced with a major debate. The country is one of the highest contributors of environmental pollution; particularly the air. The air is an important part of human life and it is an established belief that the microscopic particles that people inhale while breathing can potentially cause serious damage to their health. The amount of damage is dependent on the level of concentration of pollutants in the air. These pollutants are emitted in to the environment through various industrial and economic activities, which in turn increases the concentration level of pollutants in the air. There are a number of factors that affect the relationship between emission of pollutants and their concentration in the air. However, it is a commonly agreed notion that the emissions are an outcome of increased level of industrial activities in the economy, or in other words, the level of development activities that take place in the economy (Matus, et al., â€Å"Health Damages from Air Pollution in China†). Among the factors affecting the level of pollution in the air, site is very important. Certain places are the key source of emission; such as the center of the cities, and exclusive industrial belts. These areas are most populous; increased proximity to these regions affects meteorological conditions more than the other areas in the country, which in turn determines the extent of environmental damage. Secondly, the characteristics of the source such as the emission temperature and the velocity of emission affect the rate at which level of air pollution increases. Thirdly, physical dimension of the pollutant particles interferes in the level of impact cast on health condition of human beings. Hence the particle size of matter is an important factor in determining air pollution in the country. Not only are the humans sufferers of this environmental condition, other animals are also adversely affected in this environmental degradation (Ho, â€Å"Ai r pollution in China†). The Economic reform China’s economy has been reflecting massive growth rates since the past two decades. During this period China has undergone economic reforms and is now considered one of the world’s fastest growing economies. The per capita income of the citizens in the country has been growing at the astonishing rate of 9% in 2011 (Mendez, â€Å"Chinese Economic Development and Pollution†). China has been ranked as the third largest country that take part in the international trade. It comes immediately after United States of America and Japan. This economic reform in the country is the main reason that has pushed China to the position in the international sphere. Increasing importance of the economy in world trade has transformed the economy into a global powerhouse. There has been emergence of new factories and overall rate of productive activities in the country has rocketed. These industries obtain their primary supply of en ergy from the reserves of coal possessed by China. Energy is produced by burning this coal, which emits huge amount of carbon particles in the air. This implies that urbanization and development of the Chinese economy has also led it on the path of making significant contribution towards degradation of the environment.

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