Monday, August 26, 2019

Drinking and Driving Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Drinking and Driving - Essay Example As a result, we have lost many lives of people through accidents that are caused by drunk drivers (Stearn 49). It is this increased accidents caused by drivers who drink and drive that have left us with many question in regard to what we should do to stop it hence leading to this study. In order to ensure credibility of this study, researchers will use accurate and real time data that will be collected from different departments of traffic across the world (Stearn 77). Decent methods of data collection will also be used so as to enhance credibility and accuracy of the data collected. If we manage to stop people from drinking and driving, we will reduce road accidents by about 50%, and improve transport systems all over the world. Therefore, it is responsibility of everybody to come up and help address this issue (Grosshandler & Grosshandler-Smith 42). Currently, there are many orphans and children with single parents who lost their parents through road accidents that were caused by drinking and driving. Hence, these orphans have become burden to society and government (Grosshandler & Grosshandler-Smith 60). Many families have also lost their breadwinners via drinking and driving hence they live in poverty. Since drinking and driving has proved to be a global problem, all governments are supposed to come together and address it thoroughly. They should use all means possible to ensure that this problem has come to an end (Mendralla & Grosshandler 54). Strict laws and penalties will reduce significantly the problem of drinking and driving. This is because in most countries, traffic laws are not strict thus people do not fear fines which in turn encourage drinking and driving (Mendralla & Grosshandler 63). Drinking and driving is one of the major factors which cause many problems in the by societies and governments all over the world

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